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200K Subscriber Celebration Song!!

200K Subscriber Celebration Song!!

I asked 8-Bit Music Theory, David Bennett Piano, David Bruce Composer, Adam Neely, 12Tone, Signals Music Studio, June Lee, Rick Beato, Nahre Sol, Ben Levin, Justice Cow, and Simon Fransman (all of which have been extremely helpful friends to me along the way) to help me out with this celebration of reaching 200,000 subscribers on YouTube!

Aimee In The Studio - You Should've

You Should've

Studio footage from the day I recorded "You Should've" at Oakhouse Studios with Mike Scott (guitar) and Bruce Lett (bass). It's one of the tracks that I decided to record piano and vocals simultaneously on. (Others were "Looking For The Answers", "All Too Soon", and "So In Love," and you can see the partition we built to semi-isolate the vocals from the piano) I was really glad to have gotten this one in one take because it's an emotionally taxing one for me. I'd really rather someone else sing it (Bonnie Raitt would be an absolute dream).

Aimee Nolte | What's Going On - MP3

Aimee Nolte | What's Going On - MP3

In honor of MLK day, I made a little arrangement of this Marvin Gaye classic. Thanks to Farnell and JOTW for the motivation. Also, to Bob James for some added inspiration and 70s vibes. If you'd like to support my channel, you can do so here:

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Aimee's Original Song, "Young Again"

Aimee's Original Song, "Young Again"

I wrote this song about my little brother who we lost in a car accident when he was 17, back in 2001. Scott's birthday is approaching and this time of year always brings back happy memories from when we were kids. This song was included in my 2010 album, Just Us with guitarist, Hideaki Tokunaga.

An Aimee Original: Alpine Field

An Aimee Original: Alpine Field

Alpine Field - The first track off of my first album Up Till Now; the title track, in fact. I felt like revisiting it today but solo, and with Rhodes.

You Should've - #MeToo

You Should've ( #MeToo )

In 2013, I wrote this song about a dark time in my life. When I was 16 and he was 40, my music teacher pressured and pursued me, romantically and physically. He used music to make me fall in love with him and then tried very hard to take away my innocence. My teacher: someone who had power over me. And worse: my music teacher, someone who taught a subject so connected to feelings of love. Such a terrible place to be in, but thankfully, over a period of many months, I was able to fight off most of his advances.



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