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You Should've ( #MeToo )

You Should've - #MeToo

In 2013, I wrote this song about a dark time in my life. When I was 16 and he was 40, my music teacher pressured and pursued me, romantically and physically. He used music to make me fall in love with him and then tried very hard to take away my innocence. My teacher: someone who had power over me. And worse: my music teacher, someone who taught a subject so connected to feelings of love. Such a terrible place to be in, but thankfully, over a period of many months, I was able to fight off most of his advances.

It took me nearly 20 years (and having a teenage daughter of my own) to realize how much damage he had done to my young innocent self, and my psyche in the years that followed. In an effort to get past these things, I got some counseling and decided to share the song with him to see if he would apologize and aid in my healing. He said he had no reason to speak with me and never to contact him again. Realizing he never had real feelings for me and only wanted physical gratification was huge for me. It was enough for me to use my anger to speak up and get him removed from his teaching position.

I have struggled with how and when to share this song publicly, not wanting to tell how it came to be, but knowing it had an important message. My husband advocated for RIGHT NOW: that if there was ever a time to share it, now was the time. He suggested I ask the women in my life if they would help me with a video, and THIS is the result. My friends and loved ones tenderly and eagerly agreed to lend their photos to my song in an effort to help me to help others who have had their own struggles in healing.

I hope to give encouragement to anyone who has been damaged and has been too frightened to seek help and healing. I also hope to ask anyone who thinks they may have CAUSED damage to someone else to make the absolutely necessary rectifications. With small steps, we can bring change to this damaging aspect of our culture. Thanks to all of the women who bravely lent me their #metoo photos and to all of you for listening and giving support through helping me to share this message.

Please accept this free download as a gift and share with your friends.

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