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  • Praise From YouTube Fans

    Praise From YouTube Fans

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  • Praise From YouTube Fans

    Praise From YouTube Fans

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Praise From YouTube Fans

Aimee Nolte - Piano teacher

With over 500 jazz and music instruction videos on YouTube, Aimee is becoming a highly-sought-after teacher and clinician.

Here are some words of praise from fans around the globe!

Hi Aimee, you´re doing a great job with your lessons! Thank you very much for that! I took your bassline-concept to play a lot of standards and guess what: my family - two kid and my wife . are starting to sing those tunes. i.e. Yardbird suite and they love it. Before I would use chords in my left hand, but with the walking bass the tunes come across much better.
Thanks and keep up the good work! It´s awesome! I´ve never learned so much in such a short time.I´m looking forward to more videos from you. You made me look at my instrument and music a new way. I´m singing the licks and this is great, at least for me, because I´m not great singer. And what I can sing, I can play! Old rule, but true. Would be awesome to get your sheet of „Killing me softly“.
Thanks a lot, Aimee, take care,
Ralf S

This is a great video, Aimee. Just be yourself and play what's in your heart. Best advice you can give (a musician).

An important life lesson that's not easily learned.
Kent H

Aimee, would you forgive this Englishman for being so gushing with his praise but I adore you! I was such a lazy student way back when (and long before you were born) but at 55 years of age, I have returned to the piano with a genuine passion for leaning Jazz piano and your lessons are just the ticket. You break things down to their simplest components and the theory - so perplexing to understand in a plethora of other videos on YouTube - becomes so crystal clear and easy to understand! Happy Christmas and thank you so much for so generously sharing your knowledge with an old codger like me!
Richard L.

Hello Aimee!
First of all. Please let me thank you for the content you make. I am a self-taught jazz piano player from Barcelona. I study theory quite hard and I may know modes and harmonies and polyrhythms and modulations and you-name-it inside and out, but I've always had trouble putting them to work. I am extremely thankful for your videos because they bridge the gap that i feel Mark Levine's Jazz Theory Book and Omnibooks just can't —albeit they do their work wonderfully. So for that I'm very, very thankful. Please know you have a very unconditional, grateful supporter in Barcelona

Hi Aimee - I kind of ran into your youtube channel yesterday, and watched several of your videos, and wanted to just give you kudos for the way you’re presenting ideas and speaking with your audience. I think it’s hard to do what you’re doing well - giving great information while being accessible and genuine. You do a particularly good job of communicating *how* you think about things, which seems more valuable than just giving information. You also don’t build out theory first, then look at how to use it - you match what you’re doing with theory when necessary. I think that makes it easier for many students.
I hope I’m not the only random stranger sending you praise for your work. Happy holidays!

I absolutely love your teaching style and it's helping me so much to prepare for my college auditions in jazz vocal performance!
Thank you so much :)
Leo T.

I love what you are doing on your channel! It's so uplifting! I found it only yesterday and I'm really grateful for that. You teach really well and I just enjoy your singing and playing.
Sasha F.

You have really great content here. As someone who has played instruments and always wanted to understand play in the bebop lines, this is tremendously helpful. You're a great teacher.
Mike P.

I just subscribed it yesterday, and to me, this is one of the most helpful of many insightful videos you've made. I love what you talk about in minute nine about the honesty of your favorite players because it's something I've often wanted to hear clearly stated. I think of Thelonius Monk, the way The way he chose and articulated notes was the way he created his own sound and techniques. I also really enjoy when you break down rhythms and demonstrate how to call a tune: you are so solid in your hearing of the groove. I want these skills for myself. Thanks for making these videos. It's giving me hope that I can change. I will gobble up anything you have to offer so I can make that transduction between what I hear inside and the sounds I play.
Simon L.

I love your channel, Aimee! You are a natural teacher. This has been a question of mine for many years and I'm glad you did a video on it. It helps me out tremendously. Thank you. Keep up the good work! Carter

This series of videos is really useful, practical advice from a professional. Fantastic. Muso

I'm sure that some will find this a little too complicated, and some will find it for two simple, but it's just at the level or I can take it and run with it. With your almost daily tutorials, you are a vocal coaching, piano teaching, machine! Thanks so much. David

Thanks so much for your videos. I am a new subscriber and a piano player. The tutorial topics you pick our fresh and vibrant, just like your scat solos. Allan

Hello, I discovered your videos today and I think they are brilliant! I'm a jazz singer in Belgium with no music theory knowledge and it will help me to scat! I'm very happy you created your channel! Keep on posting! Ton

I like the patience and clear explanation. In other videos, I often feel like the author tries to show off his/her own skills. These videos are much much more helpful. Keep up the good work! Arjen

This is seriously good improv teaching! Ming

You're the best! Everything you provide is very easy to understand and so useful. wtfroy

HAFA ADAI Aimee! Thank you for sharing your videos. Or I am from, Jazz isn't too popular so there aren't many teachers that specialize in jazz. I want to develop because you make it look so cool. I have been keeping up with your videos. You are a blessing! Much love from Julia

I just discovered you on YouTube. My name is Dan, and I am up here in Turlock CA. I have been playing piano for a long time, but have never been able to put together all the pieces, especially soloing. I can play lots of tunes, but just the melody, mostly. So, I have been watching your videos, and you are truly amazing. You just reminded me of Diana Krall (hope you know what I mean, in a good way), but you're better! I am really learning a lot from you. It's like they are things I already know, and have been able to do, but just never tied it all together. I hope to be putting on some of my own videos soon, so you can hear what I am playing. Anyway, you are truly inspiring to me right now, as I have just got back into the piano after some time away. What you have is true charisma, which so many other people who teach music lack. Everything you say comes from the heart, and there is so much power in that. I am making a list of all your videos, and gonna study all of them. So, thanks so much for what you are doing. I would be happy to contribute via a donation, if that works for you. Thanks so much! You're awesome!

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