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  • Teaching: jazz piano and singing

    Teaching: jazz piano and singing

    Learn to play like a pro!
  • Teaching: piano and jazz singing

    Teaching: piano and jazz singing

    On line video lessons with Aimee Nolte on YouTube
  • Teaching: jazz & pop

    Teaching: jazz & pop

    Learn to play and sing the standards with Aimee!
In Depth Jazz Piano Lesson With Brenda

In Depth Jazz Piano Lesson With Brenda

My friend and student, Brenda Martin came over for a lesson today and we worked on Altman/Lawrence tune, "All Or Nothing At All." Here are the topics addressed and time stamps so you can easily navigate through the video, however it's quite a journey and I would recommend watching it from start to finish, to understand the context and...the journey.

Warmups And Games - the end "All Or Nothing At All" Piano Accompaniment - Simple Rules About Song Form - Left Hand Bass - 2 Feel Ideas/Swing Feel - 3rds and 7s and Voice Leading In Accompaniment - Fills/Embellishing "the holes" - Playing What You Hear (minor ii V I fills) - Modal Playing and Arranging (Aeolian)

Tags: standard, jazz, bass



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