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  • Teaching: jazz piano and singing

    Teaching: jazz piano and singing

    Learn to play like a pro!
  • Teaching: piano and jazz singing

    Teaching: piano and jazz singing

    On line video lessons with Aimee Nolte on YouTube
  • Teaching: jazz & pop

    Teaching: jazz & pop

    Learn to play and sing the standards with Aimee!

Teaching in master classes, clinics and YouTube

Aimee Nolte - Piano and singing teacher

Aimee is quickly becoming a highly sought after educator in the jazz community, since launching her YouTube channel, Aimee Nolte Music. She spent a 10 day stint as an instructor for the renowned vocal coach David Braid's VocalizeU camp in Malibu during the summer of 2016 and has appeared as a featured artist/clinician/adjudicator at numerous jazz festivals around the country, including Univeristy Of Northern Michigan, Fullerton College, South Plains College, The Hilton Head Jazz Camp and BYU School of Music  University of Mary in Bismark, ND, as well as many online masterclass engagements during the pandemic. Aimee continues to teach clinics and master classes to students who want to learn to scat sing like serious jazz musicians, and players who want to take their improvisation game to the next level.

Victor Wooten's Camp
Finding Your Inner Drummer

Finding Your Inner Drummer

Part of being a good musician is recognizing all the parts of music; every component that goes into making what we love. Rhythm is a huge part of that. Practicing drumming exercises is one of my favorite ways to expand the musician inside of me and I'd like to share some of my favorites with you!

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Blues Piano Lesson IN REAL LIFE

Blues Piano Lesson IN REAL LIFE

The very talented, and classically-trained Brenda Martin (professor at Point Loma) and I sat down in her San Diego studio to have a lesson recently. The first half of the lesson was spent, discussing many facets of the blues. I decided (with Brenda's permission, of course) to share it with you!

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How To Memorize Lyrics

How To Memorize Lyrics

Using one of the most lyrically-challenging songs I can think of, The Waters Of March (Aguas De Marco) I show you the visualization technique I use to memorize difficult lyrics. I also issue a challenge for rhythm section players and animators to submit themselves playing over my singing. MP3 and PDF for rhythm section players can be found in this page.

Send wave files or mp3 submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Follow my social media accounts for updates about the contest. It will run for a few weeks, and only the winners will be notified. If you'd like to donate to my channel, please do so here:

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Waters Of March with piano scratch track and metronome.mp3)Waters Of March with piano scratch track and metronome.mp3Vocal and Piano7761 kB
Download this file (Waters Of March with vocal only.mp3)Waters Of March with vocal only.mp3Vocal only7761 kB
Download this file ( file with Pdf+Mp3s16335 kB
Download this file (Waters-Of-March-score.pdf)Waters-Of-March-score.pdfFree PDF file1140 kB

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My Top Secret Practice Method: Point & Sing

My Top Secret Practice Method: Point & Sing

My (Not So) Top Secret (Anymore) Practice Method: Point & Sing - Singers AND instrumentalists: I don't want you to sound like a robot when you improvise. Let's get you sounding like a thoughtful, feeling person, who can hear their way through changes without having to memorize patterns. I want to make HONEST musicians out of you. Point & Sing is the best way I know of to accomplish that! If you'd like to support me, you can do so at this link:

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Aimee Nolte performs in duos, trios, and big bands as a jazz pianist and singer. Live performances



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